• AM Training are an Ethical Employability Training company that focus on helping people to achieve sustainable employment in a variety of roles and sectors.
  • We are a team of professionals from a variety of sectors including training, education, engineering, manufacturing and recruitment, ensuring that our training is of the highest possible standard, fit for purpose and accredited to ensure candidates have the best possible start in their careers.
  • Our unique strength of being able to direct successful candidates to our sister company AM Recruitment to increase job prospects!
  • Here at AM Training we have an absolute commitment to helping people, regardless of background or life choices, and giving them the opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills to change their lives.
  • We offer flexible training programmes that keep people and businesses up to date with the most recent developments that help towards progression, success and social responsibility to our world.

TO find out if we can support you in your search for work, or if you require a solution to support your recruitment drive, give us a call on 01642 551883, send us an enquiry, or use our live chat function.

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