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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission
At AM Training, our mission is to revolutionise the training landscape by empowering educators to become catalysts of innovation and inclusivity in the Further Education industry. We are committed to reshaping the future of training by equipping trainers with the skills to deliver employer-led, cutting-edge provisions that transcend conventional boundaries.We believe in challenging the status quo and fostering purpose-driven educators who are not just instructors but architects of transformative learning experiences. Our focus extends beyond conventional training, reaching individuals of all backgrounds ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge and skill development.In a world where adaptability is key, we are dedicated to cultivating a cadre of trainers capable of tailoring their delivery styles to meet the dynamic demands of industries. We aspire to bridge the gap between education and industry needs,enabling trainers to play a pivotal role in moulding the best talent for diverse sectors.At the heart of our mission is a commitment to change lives—both of educators and learners. We envision a future where the Further Education industry is defined by purpose-driven professionals, passionate about making a lasting impact. Join us as we embark on a journey to transform education, one trainer at a time.
Our Vision
At AM Training, our vision is to pioneer a paradigm shift in the Further Education landscape, where every educator we empower becomes a beacon of transformative education. We envision a future where innovation and inclusivity are not just buzzwords but integral components of every learning experience.In this future, our trained educators stand at the forefront of a revolutionized training environment, seamlessly blending employer-led expertise with cutting-edge pedagogy. They transcend traditional boundaries, shaping a dynamic and adaptive approach to education that meets the ever-evolving demands of industries.Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary, ensuring that individuals with diverse needs find a place in the tapestry of knowledge and skill development. We see a world where no one is left behind, where education becomes a powerfulequalizer.As we bridge the gap between education and industry, our vision materialises in the form of purpose-driven professionals who are not just instructors but architects of meaningful learning journeys. These educators play a pivotal role in sculpting the best talent for various sectors, contributing to a workforce that is not only skilled but also passionate about making a difference.At the core of our vision is the transformation of lives—educators and learners alike. We imagine a Further Education industry defined by purpose, passion, and a relentless pursuit of lasting impact. Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of education, one empowered trainer at a time.These values are crucial to AM Training because they form the foundation of the organisation’s mission and vision, shaping the culture and guiding principles that define its identity.


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AM Training

Our Company Values

  • Innovation: Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and creativity. Encourage educators to explore new methodologies, technologies, and approaches that push the boundaries of traditional training, fostering an environment where innovation becomes a cornerstone of the learning experience.


  • Inclusivity: Foster an inclusive and diverse community, ensuring that education reaches individuals with varied needs and backgrounds. Strive to create a learning environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and has equal access to opportunities for personal and professional growth.


  • Adaptability: Cultivate a mindset of adaptability among educators, empowering them to respond effectively to the dynamic demands of industries. Encourage flexibility in teaching styles, content delivery, and curriculum design, enabling trainers to tailor their approach to meet the evolving needs of learners and the workforce.


  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Instil a sense of purpose in educators, emphasising the importance of their role in shaping not just learners’ skills but also their character. Encourage a leadership style that goes beyond instruction, inspiring educators to be architects of transformative learning experiences and champions of positive change within the Further Education industry.

AM Training

Our Company Values

  • Provide Opportunity – Everyone is deserving of an opportunity to make something of themselves, and we want to help provide opportunities
  • Diversity – We understand there are various paths within life, and want to support people from all backgrounds into sustainable employment
  • Make a Difference – Our team will always strive to make a difference to our candidates, clients and the communities we work within
  • Empathy – Not everyone has had the ideal life, and we are empathetic to those that need an extra little help in gaining sustainable employment
  • Collaborate – Partnerships and collaboration are integral to our business. We are constantly looking to collaborate with FE, charities, CiCs and campaigns to improve the lives of those that need it.

AM Training

Our Services - Elevating Education Beyond Boundaries

At AM Training, we offer a range of innovative services designed to empower educators, transform learning experiences, and bridge the gap between education and industry needs:

At AM Training, our services are not just about training; we are a catalyst for transformation. Join us in shaping the future of education—where every trainer becomes an architect of meaningful learning experiences.

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AM Training

Meet The AM Training Team

We are a team of skilled professionals who are committed and passionate about training and development. We come from a background of sectors including Education, Health, Sales, Marketing, Mental Health and Well Being. We pride ourselves on our ethical values and have the experience and flexibility to meet your training needs.

Jamie Pell

Managing Director

Head of Client Relationships

Tell us a bit about yourself! I am a proud Boro lad, and have lived across the North East meaning I have seen first-hand many of the struggles our region has when it comes to working, hence the drive to start AM Training. I am married to Jade, with two kids, Thomas and Jack, and a massive Middlesbrough FC Fan. My biggest passion outside of work??? Probably Parmo!

What is your role at AM Training? My role is to ensure the day to day running of the business is always in line with our company values. I am also heavily involved with partnerships, marketing and business development, and regularly out and about at networking events across the northeast!

What do you love about working at AM Training?  I love the fact that the team around me have the same values, vision and passion to help people with new training methods to find sustainable work. There is nothing better than hearing a candidate from one of our courses finding a job that suits them, their situation and helping to improve their lives, and at the same time helping a client fill positions with good people.

Ian Morrison

Group Director

Tell us a bit about yourself! Hi, I’m Ian, husband to Louise and we have two kids, James and Isabelle. I’m a lifelong Leeds United fan, but also a massive motor sports fanatic which takes up a large chunk of my downtime from work!

What is your role at AM Training? I look after the cashflow, ensuring invoices are paid in and out and speak with the banks and suppliers when needed!

What do you love about working at AM Training? Having helped to grow AM Recruitment to it’s current level, AM Training has given me a whole new challenge. The focus is giving people from our region opportunity, in the same way I was given opportunity, and that is a huge plus. Community is a big part of why we do what we do.

Andrea Willey


Tell us a bit about yourself
I enjoy being active, lots of walking and absolutely love boxing training!

What is your role at AM Training?
I am the Finance Manager and ensure the smooth running of the finance department.

What do you love about working at AM Training?
I love absolutely everything about the place! It’s a great team and we seriously couldn’t ask for a better boss! I also bring my dog, Blue, in every day!

Kathrine Finlay

Head of Education and Training

Tell us a bit about yourself! Hi! I’m Kathrine and I am a sports fanatic from Middlesbrough.  I have worked in Senior Management in Education, Health and Voluntary sectors so have a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this area. I love spending times with my family and am at my happiest by the sea or on the side of a football pitch.

What is your role at AM Training? My role at AM Training is to ensure that processes and compliance are efficient and effective across the company.  I manage the team of Employment Advisors at AM Training to ensure that we are increasing employability in the area by matching candidates to clients and equipping with them with the skills and confidence to succeed. My overall aim is to ensure that AM training is recognised as a major player in delivering ethical employability and training, resulting in sustainable career pathways in the Northeast!

What do you love about working at AM Training?  I love working at AM Training because the team, ethos and values are exactly what the people and businesses in this area need!  I love the principle of giving local people the confidence, skills and training opportunities to enable them to access the world of work. The company is professional, approachable, flexible and dynamic, enabling us to meet the training needs of all sectors.  It is a fantastic place to work.

Lucy Gladstone

HR & Operations Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a very hard working & driven individual who loves 3 holidays a year and plenty of weekends dancing the night away with my girls! My favorite countries I have visited are Bali and Ibiza and when I’m at home I love to go to Yoga and walk my 4-legged baby Bella the Cockapoo, who is also our AM Office Puppy.

What is your role at AM Training?
I’ve been at AM Training for 5 Years and built the Administration department from the very first day to what it is now with a team of 4 amazing ladies. I provide admin and support to the team as well as our clients and ensure smooth running of the office on a daily basis. I manage our memberships, compliance and legislation for AM Training and currently deal with our basic HR procedures whilst completing my Level 3 HR Support Apprenticeship in preparation to become the HR Generalist for the business too.

What do you love about AM Training
I love working for AM Training because you are valued as an employee and colleague. The team are more like family, and we all have the same aspirations and drive for the business to get the most out of it!

Zoe Keenan

Learner Engagment Officer

Tell us a bit about yourself! Hi! I’m Zoe and I have two children, Joey and Ivy who are my life. On weekends I enjoy socialising with friends, spending time with my children and walking my dog, Blue.

What is your role at AM Training? My role at AM Training is to increase employability in the area by matching candidates to training and employment roles, ensuring that they have the training, skills and confidence to succeed.  Zoe offers wrap around support to ensure that candidates have the opportunity to achieve success, thus contributing to sustainable employment in the Nort East. Leah is the AM Training specialist for social media and communication.

What do you love about working at AM Training?  I love working at AM Training because I’m working alongside a great team of people who cannot support each other enough. I also love being able to help unemployed people get back into work, building their skills and confidence to drive success and secure a placement. There is no feeling like it!

Leah Henry

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator/ Administration

Tell us a bit about yourself! I’m Leah, a proud mother to two remarkable boys, Tommy and Teddy, whose resilience in the face of daily challenges fills me with immense pride. My world revolves around my family, and I love every moment, spending my days off to creating unforgettable memories with them.

What is your role at AM Training?

In my role as a social media and marketing Coordinator/Administrator, I take pride in my work, efficiently supporting our Operations Manager and Head of Education. As the AM Training Specialist for social media and Communication, my focus is connecting with a broad audience. I am excited about advancing and excelling in this aspect of my professional journey.

What do you love about working at AM Training? I am grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary team, where our shared values create an inspiring work environment. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.. 


Barketing Manager


Head of Leads


Petwork Technician


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Doggy Director

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