Start Date: 24/06/2024 9:00am

End Date: 28/06/2024 4:00pm

Venue: Middlesbrough Employment Hub, Multi-Media Exchange, 72-80 Corporation Road, TS1 2RF

Associated Course: IT Skills

This Level 2 Certificate develops essential digital skills for everyday office software, from word processing and spreadsheets to presentation and desktop publishing tools. Build confidence and improve productivity by improving these widely applicable skills.

24th to 28th June

Middlesbrough Employment Hub, Multi-Media Exchange, 72-80 Corporation Road, TS1 2RF

The contents of the course will cover:

  • Unit 1: Digital careers progression – Understand the importance of digital skills in the workplace and how digital technology is changing how we work. Discover the range of roles where digital skills are required and the characteristics employers are looking for in prospective employees. Identify your career goals and create a personal development plan to allow you to meet your goals.
  • Unit 2: Desktop publishing – Develop the skills to use desktop publishing software. Gain an understanding of page layout and design principles. Learn the tools and techniques to create and print a variety of professional publications for different purposes and audiences.
  • Unit 3: Spreadsheets – Build an understanding of the application of spreadsheet software. Learn how to apply advanced formulae and functions to process data. Learn to use automated tools to aid productivity.
  • Unit 4: Word-processing – Learn to maximise the tools available in word-processing software to prepare, process and produce a wide range of sophisticated and professional documents accurately and efficiently.
  • Unit 5: Presentation software – Develop your understanding of presentation software and how to create effective presentations for different purposes and audiences. Gain an understanding of inclusive design principles and learn how to ensure presentations are accessible.

Laptops are provided for this course.

Please note: there is no employer attached to this course, and it is to improve your computer skills, to improve your skills and CV.

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