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What is employability training?

Employability training is a pathway for candidates on the unemployed and low salary market find the confidence and skills needed to obtain sustainable employment. This could involve various elements including:

Employability training is government funded and therefore offers a no-cost alternative to recruitment. Our training also allows you to showcase your business and the job role by attending the course to speak with the candidates. In many cases, you may also be able to offer a short period of work experience to ensure the candidates and your company are a good fit.

The employability training courses are designed to offer real-life skills and opportunity to those that need it to improve their lives, therefore you must commit to interviewing the candidates that complete our courses. There are no obligations to offer employment to all or any of the candidates you interview should you not deem anyone suitable, however we feel our training methods will help you find some gems!

We associate ourselves with multiple charitable and community led organisations that benefit from finding our candidates work. We are committed to only running employability courses where there are guaranteed interviews and opportunities to be successfully employed following the training. For anyone who is not successful in obtaining employment with you, we will register with our sister-company, AM Recruitment, and aim to find them work with our existing client-base, or offer alternative training where available based on your feedback.

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