Leah Henry

Employability Consultant

High level of experienced and professional. Member have extensive practical experience, full training courses and top educational in the company He is helping residential.

I am a mother to two beautiful boys, Tommy & Teddy, who definitely keep me on my toes on a daily basis. I work part time at AM Training for the time being for work-life balance, however I am hoping to return to full time work as soon as I can!

My role as an Employability Consultant is to help people get back into work, with focus on people who feel they have barriers to work such as low self-confidence and disabilities for example. We work closely with candidates every day and try help them as much as we can. It can be hard at times but is also be rewarding when help someone positively change their lives. 

Working for people who genuinely care about helping and trying to change people’s lives for the better!  Our company values match my own!

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